Embedded Solution

We work with new technologies in dedicated solutions: security, wireless, SOMs, ultra-low-power and small dimensions.

Micro-controller manufactures continue to develop smaller, faster and complex components that enable previously unimaginable performances at affordable costs.

However, for electronic equipment manufactures and developers, bringing these advances to their equipment involves a series of problems: component size versus assemblability, PCB density versus reliability, and complexity versus time to market; for these reasons, the new technology is beyond their reach.

From this situation, SOM ((System on Module) have arisen in the world, wich allow the use of the most modern processing technologies.

Apexar developed a line of SOMs (System on Module) with ATMEL's new eMPU processor families, the AT91SAM9G45 and SAM9M10 oriented to multimedia and industrial applications, and the AT91SAM9X oriented to connectivity.




The Apexar SOM is a compact product, a hardware and software solution ready to use, wich provides developers great benefits in time to market and associated cost reduction.

Using the popular SODIMM 200 connector, is the ideal processor engine for your new project. All the distinctive features of the AT91SAM9G45 are included in this module: speed (400MHz), serial ports, Ethernet, I2C, audio, PWM, timers/counters, A/D, digital I/O, clock, calendar and even more. The Apexar SOM followed a complete development process that included hardware, software and design for production revisions. Apexar controls the life cycle of the components used on its board and consistently maintains upgrades for new and emerging technologies. This level of product lifecycle allows the Apexar module to be considered as just another component in the manufacturer's bill of materials for a given electronic equipment.

As an outstanding feature from other existing modules in the market, Apexar Technologies provides its customers with the necessary support for the base software (embedded Linux) incorporated for its module, kernel and libraries, which facilitates an almost instantaneous start-up of the hardware.


Apexar Technologies developed a new SOM, with ATMEL's new family of eMPU processors the SAM9X with a pinout compatible with the brand's kit. It runs at 400 Mhz, contains a rich set of peripherals for connectivity, such as dual ethernet, dual CAN, triple USB and 7 UARTS.

It contains an improved layout for low EMI emissions and extended immunity.

Key Features:

  • Extended peripherals for connectivity
  • High performance data transfer
  • New generation memories
  • Low power consumption and low system running cost

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