Smart Farming

We help bring technology to the most remote places, contributing to improve agriculture and livestock processes.

Agriculture 4.0

The technological advances of the 4th industrial revolution are changing the way industries currently interact with devices. Farming, being such an important industry, could not be left behind in this new era, especially in a country like Argentina, where it represents one of the most important export sectors. In Apexar we work side by side with producers so that technology can help them improve their processes and efficiency.

IoT benefits in agriculture

We list 3 ways in which IoT can improve agriculture:

  • Collect millions of data by smart sensors, such as weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth and livestock health.
  • Improve producer efficiency through automation, using intelligent devices. 
  • Control their own processes, being able to measure and develop indicators allows producers to improve the quality of their processes so as to:
    • Reduce production risks.
    • Improve the quality of their products.
    • Increase their profitability




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