We bring embedded software complete solutions adapted to integrated platform. We develop smartphones applications and cloud computing.

Firmware Development

We develop firmware for several types of micro-controllers.
• AVR, AVR32
• x86

We work with all ARM architectures

Embedded LINUX

In recent years the use of Linux in embedded devices has grown significantly. Companies choose Linux because of its open source nature, reliability, stability, complete control over the platform and the ability to add libraries available from the Linux open source community. However, designing, creating and maintaining a development platform can take several months even for Linux experts. The APEXAR PDK has the advantage of fast time to market along with the flexibility and control one expects from an open source platform.


We have experts in APP development for both environments:

  • Graphic design and customization
  • User interfaces
  • Protocols for connection with proprietary devices (customized)
  • Maintenance and update to new versions


APEXAR TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - Uruguay 2887, (B1644HJI) Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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